Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Road Trip for Kimi!

This is my friend Cari Winn!  She is a nice wonderful women!  She came  and helped my sister Jodi Peterson clean her kitchen so we could move.  Jodi was sooooo super thankful for the help.  Cari is great!

I got my own new camera for our trip to Disney World and for the move to Texas!  I wont be posting very often for the next month or so.  I am in Texas right now, and will move home to Washington in August! I can't wait to see my Shelly and my JaNel again!  They are wonderful sisters.  Right now i get to live with my sister LeAnne and my brother in law Erick!  They have six children: Tyler, Shelby, Kyle, Katy, Megan and Paige!  They are so sweet and nice!  I love living with them!
I got to sit on a Harley at Disney World!  I loved to ride Motor cycles!
Our first day at Disney World we went to Animal Kingdom!  It was so fun all my life.  There weren't very many people there so we got right on the rides!  I love it!
This Hippo is so cool!  She reminds me a little of my sister Jodi Peterson!
Elephants are awesome!
The Rino was so close to us!  I love to see all the animals!  I wanted to see the Lion, but got distracted at the same time by this Rino, and missed the lion.  This made me sad. 
I love elephants!  So does my nephew Abraham and my sister Jodi Peterson!  They are our favorite!
I love animal kingdom!  It was so fun!
High School Musical 3 performers were Wonderful!  They did such a good job singing and dancing!  I love it!
Me and my sister Jodi Peterson!  I love my sister with all my heart!  She is a nice wonderful women!  And she needs some makeup.  But it was too hot for that!
This show was so fun!
I love contestant #1!  She is wearing a pink shirt!  Pink is my favorite color!
We saw a Indiana Jones show!  It's was awesome!  After the show they had very cool hats for sale.  This is the place where Jodi and David lost there camera, no one ever turned it in, so now some lucky family has a new camera.
I had so much fun at Hollywood Studios with my brother in law, my nephew's Abraham and Dallin Peterson!  They are all so wonderful all my life!
I love Mickey's hat!  It was so awesome!
The Army guy's from Toy Story were so nice!  They were funny too!
We ate pizza at Pizza Planet!  Just like Buzz and Woody!  Then Jodi left her wallet there, we had to go back and she freaked out a little.
Star Was is so awesome I love it!  Hollywood studios at Disney World had a Star Wars ride!  It was awesome!  I got very mad at Jodi for not letting me buy a Jedi outfit!
Walt Disney World!  It is so Wonderful!
I love Cinderella's house my whole life with all my heart!
Cinderella's castle!  With my brother in law David, my nephews Abraham and Dallin Peterson! We had so much fun!
The inside of Cinderella's castle!  
Some day if I wish upon a star my dreams will come true!
We saw Mickey in the parade!  He was awesome!
I love Mini Mouse!  She was in the three musketeers!  She is beautiful!  Mickey loves her with all his heart!
Me at Epcot!  We didn't stay there very long.  It had been a very long day and Dallin "Just couldn't handle it any more."
I help Jodi with the baby when she and my brother in law are busy packing the car.
Tyler my handsome nephew and his girlfriend. They are so happy!
This is me and my nephew Tyler's girl friend. She is a nice wonderful girl all my life. Her name is Aliese.
Molly in her beautiful blessing dress! My mother LaVon Gale made this dress for Molly Rebecca Peterson. Molly was a good baby during her blessing!
Davids mother Roma is a wonderful women, all my life!
I got to hold Molly. She is so beautiful! My mother made Molly's blessing dress.
Here is Jodi's family after Molly's blessing.  Paul and Roma are Daves parents. They came to Texas for Molly's blessing. They are wonderful people all my life!
This is Sarah!  She baby sat Abe, Dallin and Molly while I went to Three Forks with Erick, LeAnne, David, Jodi, Roma, Paul and Tyler!  The food there was so good!  I had a salad.  Salad is my mothers favorite!  I also got soup, mashed potatos and chocolate cake, those are my fathers favorite! My mother and Father have never tried the soup and cake from there before!


  1. I have been looking for you Kimi. I cant wait to see you in August!! I got to go to disney World a couple times when I was a kid , it is the coolest place. I bet you had a BLAST!!!

  2. Oh,Kimi! we love and miss you!!! I'm so glad to see that you had such a great time at Disney
    World--so sad about Jodi loosing her camera! You're the coolest!!!

  3. Kimi,
    I am so glad you were able to post again. I missed hearing all about what you have been doing. It looks like you had tons of fun at Disney World. Maybe sometime we can go back and I can go with you. I can hardly wait until you get here. Give everyone a hug at LeAnne's house. Love you lot's.

  4. Kimi,
    You must have had such a great time in Disney world. You are a lucky lady to get to go with Jodi and Dave and family. Now you get to live with LeAnne and Erick and their children and have another great time.

    Keep up your excercising because you really look fit and great.

    Molly is a dolly.

    Love, Momm and Dad

  5. Kimi, you've had quite the spring/summer. It is wonderful to see all of the pictures. It's fun that you are at LeAnne's house now, and can spend time with your nieces and nephews. We hope that you continue to have a terrific summer.



  6. Hi Kimmi! I sure enjoyed all your pictures from DIsney World. You are quite the world traveler this summer aren't you. Jodi does not remind anyone of a hippo does she! Shame on you jod! Love Roma

  7. Hi Kimmi, I'm envious that you have had such an amazing trip to Desneyland!!! Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some Mickey stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

    I will definitely take tones of photos there as well!

  8. Kimmi we sure miss you! We can't wait to see you again!

  9. You went to Disneyworld! You are so lucky! I love Disneyworld and Disneyland. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Jodi is such a fun sister to take you to all these great places. I hope you are having fun in Texas. I wish you were with Jodi right now so I could see you when she comes to Utah. I'm going to spend time with Jodi in a week or two.

  10. Aunt Kimi-
    I really like your blog. Though you haven't been blogging since like july or august.
    You look like you had so much fun at disney world!!!
    I wish you could keep on blogging.

    Your Neice,